Volunteers at St. Croix Hospice are vital to our success. Your unique talents can be utilized in a variety of ways, from comforting patients and families to performing integral office tasks.

At St. Croix Hospice, care and comfort are tailored to the unique preferences of our patients, their families, and primary caregivers. We individualize care to ensure it is provided in a way that brings dignity, respect, and compassion to all those we serve.

Unique Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways you can volunteer, and you may even have an original idea or skill you can share with us! Most volunteers want to be involved with patients and families, others might prefer helping in the office setting. You can ask to be placed in a setting that is most comfortable for you.

Here are some of the ways people are helping improve the quality of life for patients at St. Croix Hospice right now:

  • vigil;
  • visit patients;
  • provide companionship;
  • pet therapy;
  • support families;
  • assist with administrative tasks;
  • play music;
  • read books, newspapers or magazines;
  • write letters;
  • provide light housekeeping; and more.

Here are some of the qualities we see in our best volunteers. These qualities help when dealing with sensitive issues in hospice care:

  • sensitive;
  • mature;
  • flexible;
  • patient;
  • reliable;
  • communicative;
  • appreciative of hospice process and philosophy; and,
  • respectful of patient and family rights and confidentiality.

How To Volunteer

The volunteer coordinator works diligently to match your skills with appropriate volunteer services. Your helpful volunteer coordinator will guide you through the necessary application process and training to assure your success and confidence in working with patients, families or staff.

To volunteer, you’ll submit an application (see below), pass a criminal background check, have an interview with the volunteer coordinator, complete training and have a health screening.